Basement Lighting Ideas Low Ceiling

Track Lighting

Track lighting can be a remodeled basement’s best buddy. It does not take up wall or floor space is simple to install, and is amazingly flexible. Many systems, like the one mix both spot fittings for flooding fixtures or pendant and accent lighting for ambient lighting. Track lighting lets you easily change the room lighting when you rearrange the furnishings of the room or design.

Quartz-Halogen Track Lighting

Want to bring sunny daylight-spectrum light to a windowless basement room? Construct a window, and you’ll create above-ground ambience. Such “windows” are really easy-to-build custom light fixtures.

Recessed Light Panels

Light panels are big, rectangular florescent fixtures commonly recessed into suspended ceilings in commercial buildings. Here, four of those off-the-shelf fixtures were assembled to create the illusion of a four-paned window. The room flooding .

Finished Basement

Recessed Lights for Accent Lighting

While recessed lighting fixtures are often thought of as suppliers of overall, ambient, or task lighting, don’t miss them for accent lighting jobs. While smaller models provide display items on the room’s focal point wall with focused illumination standard-issue can lights light the area of this basement living space.

Recessed Miniature Can Lights

A galaxy of recessed miniature can lights shine down on this basement pub. The white light from such fixtures accentuates the sparkling glassware the hardwood cabinetry, the granite counters, along with the stainless bar surfaces. Each row of lights is on a dimmer switch, allowing the homeowner to dial in the quantity of illumination dim for watching the TV or bright for energetic parties.

Combine Lighting Fixture Types

A mid century modern-style chandelier serves three purposes. It provides general ambient light. Its location offers task lighting for office work. Finally, its style complements the layout scheme.

Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Pendant lighting fixtures fall from the ceiling and also lay over an area that needs illumination. But pendants do more than merely shed sitting place, desk , or light on a dining table. Their shapes and colors hang like a phone that is usable, defining the space around them.

Uplighting Creates an Elegant Ambience

Uplighting entails directing a light source in the ceiling instead of horizontally into the space or down toward the floor. Uplighting creates a calming lighting without glare or harsh shadows.

A False Lighted Window

Only frame and trim a “window” opening in a finished basement wall, paint the concrete wall behind it reflective white, mount a few inexpensive florescent fixtures on the wall, and equip them with daylight-spectrum lights. Then hang a translucent window treatment, like this gauzy accordion shade, and revel in the even, filtered illumination. Combined with a can fixture along with a halogen table lamp, it.


Ideas For Basement Remodeling

What to Inspect (and Fix) Before You Start

Check floor joists for sagging by climbing a ladder until you’re almost eye level with the bottom of the joists. Look across them (perpendicular to their management) to determine if any are out of line.

Up the Cozy Factor

Built closets under them behave as a visual anchor, which makes their premium placement seem just perfect. And they also gain substance and shine from flux closures , deep sills, and trim.

Finished Basement

Banish mold–ban standard drywall

It just doesn’t belong below grade; mold can grow on the paper coating, as well as the gypsum core can crumble. Try the Sheetrock Brand Mold Tough Gypsum Panels or Georgia-Pacific’s nonpaper-faced DensArmor Plus High-Performance Interior Panels of USG. Both have the highest scores on a standard lab test for mould resistance.

Keep the Racket Down Below

B) Put mechanical equipment in addition to sound-dampening antivibration mats or pads.

Finishing Foundation Walls: Professional Basement Refinishers

How it’s done: Licensed pros set up a proprietary modular system that combines insulation, completed wall panels, and sometimes ceilings, floors, and finishes. Some types are attached to your flat track, so that they go up. Owens Corning makes the best.

Secrets to Success for Building Basement Walls

Fix moisture issues first, then follow our expert suggestions on methods and materials.

The way to Create the Perfect Bonus Room

Even if it’s now cold concrete and also crammed with boxes of off-season duds, the lowest floor of your home probably has heaps of potential. Treat it as you would aboveground, than adding on and it might become the most popular place in the house. Here is our bottom-line suggestions for turning this underutilized space to a place you’ll be willing to spend time in.

Strategies for a Beyond-the-Basic Bedroom

The bookshelf doubles as a headboard and nightstand; heavy drawers hold clean linens and give guests room to unpack.

Catch Space Around Mechanicals

Whether you’re moving equipment or boxing it in, heed the advice of TOH plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey: “Make sure a real human being can fit around mechanicals for upkeep.” Plan on two to three feet of clearance.

Bar Ideas For Basement


There are several aspects that make this example brilliant. First there’s the combination of materials. Not simply the ideal types but the kind that is perfect. Using the exact same wood to get the flat glass supports would have looked good too but by including material it becomes much more charming and glowing, a third texture. Secondly, there’s the way the bar has been built, not at the center of the wall but in a area that rendering it more noticeable and marks it’s positionspecial. Thirdly, there’s the lighting which makes the entire feel welcoming and inviting.


Your basement pub can have little epic details incorporated, unique details that will grant it memory and credibility.


It is not just the color though. The wooden frames the proportions and particulars, here, the form of the grips, contribute to turning this. Imagine how surprised when the doors open to what appears to reveal an basement bar your guests will be.


If you consider it, most people have access to exactly the same materials and ideas as you. The designs can be different of course but you’ll need to infuse your own personality, if you wish to personalize your pub. Something that was invented and, even better, created by you.


This one speaks for itself. We all can do is admire and dream of having a basement. I know where I had spent most of my time. See the difference in materials and color between the bar, the pool table and the remainder of the room and the way the bar is built into the wall, which makes it a distinctive place in comparison to the remainder of the room.

Bar For Basement


If your wine selection is something which you cherish in then the storage option requires particular attention. Rectangular storage components that are common will always do the task but to make the place special something that catches the eye and also eliminates the attribute is needed by you.


Sometimes a drink isn’t enough and you ought to mix it with another activity like watching a football game or enjoying something. Add a little flavor to your room using a dartboard area at a better atmosphere.


This layout is in a league of it’s own. Could it get much better than this? Perhaps yours will. The designer has put a whole lot of thought into it by choosing the materials and proportions. Analyze it and be motivated.


The top cabinet was fitted with small lights that illuminate the counter top, it’s where the magic happens and the bar comes to life. It does look good but it’s also quite practical, assisting you to prepare any drink you desire.

Flooring Ideas For Basements

Pick Ceramic Tile for Easy Care

Ceramic tiles set in groups of four and put on the pectoral create a checkerboard pattern which visually expands this living room. Ceramic tile can be found in many styles and colors and installs easily over concrete. Make certain to choose tiles fabricated for flooring installation. As a basement flooring material, ceramic tile is durable, low-maintenance, and moisture resistant.

Get the Look of Parquet with Laminates

Solid-wood parquet is not suitable for basement installation–it is too easily damaged by humidity–however, you can get the look affordably with prefabricated or laminate parquet.

Basement Finishing Toronto

Paint Stripes on Concrete Basement Floors

For an inexpensive and trendy floor finish, paint concrete in a striped pattern. Apply wide stripes of dark and light gray first, then add narrow stripes of brighter colors. Use painter’s tape to produce the pattern. Prep the surface by cleaning it using TSP. Remove loose paint and oily stains and let the surface dry thoroughly. Apply a primer and floor paint formulated for concrete.

For the Look of Wood, Attempt Laminates

Because most kinds of hardwood are not recommended to get below-grade installation, consider laminate flooring instead. Laminates consist of a cosmetic image (such as natural wood grain) printed onto paper or other fibrous material, treated using plastic or wax, and secured to a rigid core such as medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Laminates resist moisture and stains and can be installed over a plywood subfloor. The technology continues to improve, making ever more realistic imitations of natural substances, so that you can get the look of real wood with no shrinking and warping.

Engineered Wood for Cellar Floors

Get the look of genuine wood at the basement with an engineered-wood floor. Engineered wood includes two or more layers of wood laminated together, similar to plywood (although not to be confused with laminate flooring). The surface is hardwood veneer and the lower layers are generally softwood. It’s acceptable for below-grade installations because it shrinks and expands less than solid wood flooring.

Paint the Stairs

Add color to the basement stair by painting just the risers. If the staircase have a shiny finish, then apply a deglossing primer first, then brush on your choice of eggshell or satin latex paint. The risers might require scrubbing from time to time to eliminate shoe marks, but because they do not receive the wear that the treads do, they do not need to be decorated with specialty flooring paint.

Elect for Easy Care with Vinyl

For a tough, cost-effective basement flooring covering, think about vinyl sheet floors. Cushion-backed vinyl sheet flooring glues readily to concrete subfloors and offers an additional measure of comfort over hard concrete slabs. The subfloor must be completely smooth and free of flaws, however, or the imperfections will eventually show through the flooring.

Add Color and Pattern with Carpet Tiles

If you want the comfort and warmth of rug without the hassle of wall-to-wall installation, then elect for self-adhesive carpet tiles. They’re simple for DIYers to install, they don’t require a pad under, and they may be applied directly to clean , dry concrete. Here, carpet tiles in white, brown, and two shades of red were laid down to make a random checkerboard design which performs up the room’s fashionable color scheme. For a less-attention-getting flooring covering, utilize one neutral shade.